Despite Europe's ever closening ties, and the large number of foreigners buying properties abroad, the process is not straightforward and can lead to a lot of wasted time and/or money if not approached cautiously.
The main problems must be the language barrier, the geographical distance and the complexities of the foreign buying process.

DIONISI aims to overcome these, and any other problems the client might encounter, to make the whole buying process as smooth and straightforward as possible:

  • Even though DIONISI PROPERTY SEARCH Ltd is a Real Estate Agency founded in the United Kingdom and registered at Companies House with n° 04355407, it is also a Real Estate Agency in Italy as it is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Rieti (Italy) with n°58992 and enrolled with n° 141 in the List of Real Estate Agents and Agents with Mandate for a Valuable Consideration – VAT number 00972460570.
  • In Italy the real estate sector is regulated by precise laws, so being registered as Real Estate Agent does not only mean being well prepared but also having taken a qualifying examination at the Chamber of Commerce. Our clients can therefore be sure to work with a professional, competent and well qualified Company.
  • Experience and deep-rooted presence in the territory help our staff to find the best solutions for our clients. The properties proposed by Dionisi Property Search Ltd on this web site are only part of a wide range, and our Staff searches for real estates that meet the requirements of the clients also through other real estate agencies or among the properties advertised in the local media or on web sites as well as through word of mouth (very efficient method in rural areas) in order to find the best solution present on the market.
  • Once we begin a search, there is frequent liaison between the client and our Staff in Italy and our Foreign Representatives. Using e-mail, phone and fax, we will provide you with detailed specifications and our own photographs of selected properties. This keeps you constantly updated and you can begin the selection process. You will then quickly be in a position to travel to Italy to view just the best properties available.
  • We are happy to help you to arrange your stay in Italy.
  • Once you have chosen a property, we will take care of the whole conveyancing process assisting you also in the follow-up after the sale.

We also offer these additional follow-up services:

  • In case of renovation works our Staff will put you in contact with local companies and artisans who can prepare cost estimates;
  • Additionally, we can act as project managers for this work, liaising with the building firm and ensuring that quoted budgets and schedules are kept to;
  • We can arrange removals firms;
  • We can organise the switch-over of utilities bills into a client's name;
  • We can manage property during clients' times of absence, whether this be a full "letting agent" service, or simply keeping an eye on the empty property;


  • NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MARKET - Thanks to our team working in different regions in Italy, we are able to offer a wide range of properties which helps us to meet different types of requirements. This kind of company policy allows property vendors to promote their real estate not only in the local but also in the national market.
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE - Entrusting your property sale to our Agency means having the opportunity to get all the property's aspects and characteristics emphasized on our websites, thanks to a full photographic service.
  • VIRTUAL TOURS - The technologies, tools and our technicians working for the photographic services allow us to create VIRTUAL TOURS of new generation with JAVA and FLASH technologies which offer the possibility to "enter" the property and to have a 360° view of it.

Virual Tour Attico delle Grotte

Tour Virtuale Casale Sant'Antonio


  • 3D MODELS - The creation of 3D (tridimensional) models of the properties is another service that we offer our clients and which distinguishes us from our colleagues. Such representations allow possible purchasers to understand better the dimensions and composition of the properties for sale, avoiding this way unpleasant surprises during the visit.

Modello 3D di un appartamento

Modello 3D di una villa al mare


  • WEB MARKETING - Our technicians are constantly working on the web to keep the DIONISI websites in the first position in the major search engines, with undisputed advantages of visibility.
  • CONTINUOUS AND THOROUGH ASSISTANCE - Our work doesn't regard only the stages of promotion but also the phase of study and analysis of the property, to facilitate the work of the vendors. This also helps us to reach the final stages of the negotiations and the signing of the sales contract with all the documents that are necessary to complete the sale, saving time and money for both vendor and purchaser.

Assistenza continua ed accurata


  • PROFESSIONAL ADVICE - Our staff, assisted by technicians and other professionals, help the vendors to solve the problems that may derive from successions or hereditary questions that may have been left unsolved over the years (very probable in case of country properties).