Dionisi Property Search Ltd (DIONISI) charges from 3 to 5 % of the purchase price of the property for the entire service up to completion as detailed in "Breakdown" below. The fees payable are a percentage of the purchase price of the property including fixtures, fittings and any additional extras, plus VAT at the UK governing rate.

Payment Schedule

The fee is payable in 2 instalments:

1.  On signing of the Purchase proposal or the preliminary contract (Compromesso) 75% + VAT of the agreed commission is payable;
2.  7 calendar days before completion of the contract the remaining 25% + VAT of the agreed commission is payable.

Payment Method

Payments can be made in Sterling or Euros. Cheques should be made payable to "Dionisi Property Search Limited". If a payment is to be made in Sterling, that is a percentage of a property price in Euros, the standard exchange rate used will be the end of day Financial Times exchange rate (www.ft.com) one calendar week before payment is due.

Charges Breakdown

1.  Each purchase is different and as a general rule DIONISI will offer continual help, advice and translation at every stage of the purchase process, from the initial property search through to completion. DIONISI fee covers, but is not necessarily limited to:

a.  Property Search - provision of detailed particulars of properties relevant to client's search criteria, with additional advice if requested;

b.  Viewings - arrange viewings of chosen properties and accompany client to viewings for translation and advice;

c.  Travel - offer help and advice with flights to Italy, accommodation, if required;

d.  Negotiation - negotiate on behalf of client, if requested, to reduce purchase price in client's favour;

e.  Purchase - DIONISI carries out all appropriate land registry/title searches and work with Notary to draft all necessary purchase documents, including their translation into English;

f.  Related documents - help client to arrange all other documents, bank accounts, tax codes etc. that are necessary to reach completion.

g.  Estate Agent

i. it is usual for both the vendor AND PURCHASER to pay a commission to the Estate Agent in Italy. If the client buys a property displayed on our website this additional commission payment will NOT be incurred;

ii. If the client buys a property that has been found by DIONISI for the client through another Estate Agency this purchaser's commission would usually be payable although DIONISI will make every effort on the client's behalf to have this fee removed (or at least reduced).

2.  There are certain parts of the buying process, which (if carried out at all) are by third parties and the DIONISI fee does NOT include these services (although we can offer advice on third parties to use):

a.  Survey - while the necessary legal surveys and searches required are included, a full structural survey is not covered;

b.  Additional legal advice - this is unusual in Italy but, if requested by the client, this would not be covered;

c.  Registration taxes and Notary's fees - payable to the Notary on completion;

d.  Mortgage - advice on or application for a mortgage for the property;

e.  Indirectly related charges - opening of an Italian bank account, fund transfer to Italy and supplementary documents (needed to purchase the property, such as Italian tax forms) might incur charges but are not covered.

Company registration

Dionisi Property Search Limited is a property agency registered at the Companies House for England and Wales with n° 4355407. The main trading office is at the Italian branch in Rieti.

Dionisi Property Search Limited as a branch in Italy and is enrolled at the Chamber of Commerce of Rieti with n° 58992.

Dionisi Property Search is enrolled in the List of Property Agents, with n° 141.

The Legal Representative of Dionisi Property Search Limited in Italy is Emanuele Dionisi .


The final choice of a property is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser and DIONISI cannot be held legally responsible for any claim arising out of the suitability of a property.

Whilst every care is taken that all advice given on a property is accurate, this is prepared in good faith and is solely for guidance at the initial "Search Stage" until such time as the client instruct DIONISI to conduct a survey and/or title search for a property. DIONISI accepts no liability for any claim arising out of the Purchaser's failure to do this.

In Italian Law a property sale is recognised once the Purchaser and Vendor have signed the Sales Contract. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure that all necessary payments are made and all legal paperwork completed on or before the assigned Day of Completion and in accordance with the schedule set out in the Sale Agreement. DIONISI will not be liable for any losses arising from the Purchaser's failure to carry this out.

Whilst every care is taken in introducing only professional and competent third parties to the Purchaser, DIONISI will not be liable for any damages claimed, either directly or indirectly, as a result of work carried out for the Purchaser by any other party including any party introduced by or used by us before, during or after the purchase procedure. Any contract agreed with a third party constitutes a new legal relationship that is independent from DIONISI and the Purchaser will be subject to those terms.

The information written on www.dionisi.co.uk collegamento a www.dionisi.co.uk and on the other web sites of Dionisi Property Search Ltd, only explains how a buying process of a real estate in Italy usually proceeds and what kind of services DIONISI offers. Therefore the completeness and reliability of the information is not guaranteed.
It is not possible to guarantee the absolute correctness of the information and photos relative to the properties advertised on our website although the information derives from public deeds and certified documents. Therefore DIONISI cannot be held responsible for any possible error or inaccuracy present on our web sites. Such data and information can only be confirmed and guaranteed in a direct contact with the client. DIONISI cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that should derive from the use of the information in question.

The construction, performance and validity of this agreement shall be governed by Italian law and each party agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the Court of Rieti – Italy as regards any claim or matter arising under this agreement.